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Post by Admin on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:42 pm

Hello and welcome to Egyptian Football forums. Please take a few minutes to read the rules below before posting.


1. No spamming of the forum.
2. No hate speech, racial abuse, or sexist remarks.
3. No personal exchanges will be tolerated. Members' negative opinions of each other should be handled in private.
4. No advertising, or illegal activities.
5. No X rated content, this forum is for all ages.
6. There is no 'official' language for the forum, however members should seek to communicate not ex-communicate others as much as possible. Intentional use of language to the advantage of one member over the other will not be tolerated.
7. Do not copy external articles and paste them in any forum. If necessary provide a link to the article accompanied by a short description. Copy and pasting is allowed in the 'News Snippets' forum only.
8. Members are encouraged to report any post they consider offensive, but they are to wait for the moderator's decision on the matter (response will be in the forum or via private message). Members are not allowed to discuss moderator decisions on the forums - this will earn them a warning.


a. A member will receive a warning for not complying with any of the above.

b. Three warnings to suspension of a member for one month. Upon the end of the period the member's sheet is cleaned and they are able to post again. Three more warnings to the same member, and the suspension becomes three months. So it goes on in ascending order of suspension: 1, 3, 6, 12 months...e.t.c.


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