Handball World Cup 2011 (Sweden)

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Handball World Cup 2011 (Sweden) Empty Handball World Cup 2011 (Sweden)

Post by sembon on Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:19 am

After the Group Draw The Pharaohs found themselves in the Group Of Death. This time indeed, not one of those Wannabe Groups Of Death!

France (World Champion 2009)
Germany (World Champion 2007)
Spain (World Champion 2005)
Tunisia (Semifinalist 2005)
Egypt (Semifinalist 2001)

24 Teams/4 Groups.Top 3 Teams from each Group advance to Main Round. First Game for Egypt against Germany on January 14th.

Germany- Egypt
Egypt- France
Tunisia- Egypt
Spain- Egypt
Egypt- Bahrain

I think chances of advancing are very limited. On the other side Germany/Spain actually doesnt have the quality they used to have some time ago, but are still quality teams. On a good day Egypt can compete with/beat them. Tunisia is a must-win although they eventually are the better side than egypt. Still those derby-matchups have their own rules.


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Handball World Cup 2011 (Sweden) Empty Re: Handball World Cup 2011 (Sweden)

Post by fahmy on Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:02 am

Thanks for the info Sembon, and welcome to the forums! Aah, those elusive handball Pharaohs..I still remember the time we achieved the fourth position in the world cup - the highest ever on a world cup level for any group sport in Egypt I think. Sadly things started going downhill from there, although we still have one of two best teams on the African level (Tunisia being the other). I will be watching this one for sure, and I anticipate a lot of nerve wrecking moments as usual.

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